The Sansa slotRadio

The Sansa slotRadio
If you are a music lover like me then you will want to get the Sansa slotRadio. The Sansa slotRadio comes with just about 1,000 songs preloaded. The 1000 songs were selected from the billboard charts and comes on a microSD card for use with the player. You can also select your personal favorites no matter what genre which comes in 1000 bundles for only $40.

The Sansa slotRadio will be available soon from any RadioShack store and it comes with the 1000 preloaded microSD memory.


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  1. The SanDisk Sansa SlotRadio suffers from so-so sound quality, and the music it comes with is locked to the cards. Listeners are subject to the whims of the Billboard music editors.

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