The Smart Deco Streetlight by Designer Igor Solovyov

Smart Streetlight DecoIf the earth survives total annihilation, designer Igor Solovyov has a vision for a street lamp to replace our existing streetlights. Introducing the Smart Deco Street Lamp Concept which was submitted to Yanko by the designer himself.

The Smart Streetlight is a LED Street Lamp that features a slightly curved top section enabling the lamp to project a bright light to the sidewalk without overly-obstructing the view of the sky above.

The design is surely futuristic but other than its design there’s no futuristic spaced-age features found on the street lamp concept.

Smart Streetlight Deco ConceptThe Smart Streetlight is a really cool concept and with the lacking of features such as built-in lasers that can stop pick-pockets and other criminals by zapping them partially unconscious until law enforcement arrives, the concept could become a reality in the near future.

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