Soundlazer Speaker System

The Soundlazer Parametric Speaker Project on KickStarter

The Soundlazer Parametric Speaker Project which is now on Kickstarter seeking pledges to go into productions, is based on technology that has been around since the early 1960s, well that’s what they said. I have never seen a device that could be compared to this, since the early 60s little advancement has been done using electronic components.
Soundlazer Speaker System
Basically the Soundlazer is a speaker system that uses ultrasonic carrier waves to transmit audio to listeners in a specific spot. The sound travels in a focused beam of sound, so only the person standing directly in front of a parametric speaker can hear the audio being transmitted, if you are located to the side then you will hear a little or no sound at all.

I could see this technology being used on television a few computers, in this case users like college students who normally stay up late surfing, studying and researching but don’t want to wake up their neighbors or roommates with the sound coming from the videos and audio they are listening to.

Soundlazer Ultrasonic Speaker System
The technology is expensive to develop so that may be the reason why we don’t see in on our nowadays gadgets, but Richard Haberkern, the inventor behind the Soundlazer figured a way to make this technology available at a low cost. The project is now of Kickstarter seeking pledges of $175.00 or more, and with this pledge you will receive a fully functional Soundlazer kit, which includes the fully assembled circuit board, power supply and audio cable.

Source code, schematics and other important instructions will also be made available. Check out the soundlazer in action, I guarantee you will be amazed, I sure was the first time I watched the video.

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