Thinkware iNAVI K3+ 3D Navigation Device

Thinkware iNAVI K3
Thinkware has announced its upgraded 3D navigation device ‘iNAVI K3+ on the Korean Market. The iNAVI K3+ is suppose to replace an earlier model called the iNAVI K3 which was launched on the Korean Market sometime ago. The new iNAVI K3+ comes boasting a 7-inch WVGA LCD Display with a 800 x 480 resolution plus its cool new stylish wine color design and translucent power key.

The Thinkware iNAVI K3+ packs the power of a SiRF V6 900Mhz Processor, 256MB of RAM, support of SDHC memory card up to 8GB (included), DMB support, a video player, MP3 playback and a car diary function. The Thinkware iNAVI K3+ is available to the consumers in Korea for a suggested retail price between 399,000 and 439,000 Korean Won.


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