Projector iPhone Concept

This iPhone 5S Concept has four Pico Projectors

iPhone 5S ConceptI really hate looking at concept devices, because they get you all excited and anxious but never seem to make it onto the production line. Here’s some creative person’s idea of what the next Apple iPhone 5S should be like, and even though I know deep down that it won’t come with these exciting features, it makes me smile and want to get the iPhone 5S, when it is released that is.

Frank_Snk has imagined an iPhone 5S concept in which the phone will incorporate four pico projects, two of which will be used to project a full-sized keyboard on a flat surface, and the other two would project a display in which a full version of OS X will be running.

The top and bottom sections of the iPhone 5S can be pulled out to activate the projectors, and also acts as the stand for the phone while the projectors are on. Frank_Snk, you have a creative mind indeed, but these features may not be feasible with today’s technology, but Apple might just surprise us.

iPhone Projector

Projector iPhone Concept

[Source: Concept Phones]

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