Time Cloud

Time Cloud Is your Private Cloud System for your Smartphone

Time Cloud
Xunlei, one of the top ten internet companies out of China is launching a crowd funding campaign for its new product, the Time Cloud. Time Cloud was created to help smartphone users implement their own private cloud network to store images and videos from their devices automatically.

Users have the option to add either an existing HDD or SSD storage, so they can have more storage space in their smartphones. According to the makers, Time Cloud private cloud storage network offers speeds up to 60 times quicker than public services like Dropbox and iCloud. It even have an SD card slot so you can backup photos and videos from your camera as well.

The secret to its speed and privacy is the independence from public servers. As a hardware device, Xunlei allows you to create your own backup server at home using an existing HDD or SD card. Since the information isn’t sitting on a shared cloud, there’s a much smaller risk of vulnerability.

The company is currently seeking crowd funding to make the device available to the masses, the first 500 units of Time Cloud are currently up for pre-order at only $23 per unit at pozi.be/xunlei.

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