TiVo Slide Remote with QWERTY Keyboard

TiVo Slide Remote with QWERTY Keyboard
TiVo introduces its new TiVo Slide Remote that comes equipped with a side-slideout QWERTY Keyboard which can be used for quick and easy text entry. The TiVo slide remote features a peanut-shaped exterior, it was also designed with a light sensor that automatically activates its glow feature which illuminate the backlit keys and keyboard that makes it easier to be used in the dark.

The TiVo Slide also comes equipped with built-in Bluetooth connectivity and is capable of being used with all TiVo Series3, TiVo HD/HD XL, and Premiere/Premiere XL boxes. The remote uses a one-step activation that takes seconds to connect and offers all-in-one commands including power, input, volume and mute directly from the remote controls of your TV and receiver. The TiVo Slide Remote is available now for a price of $89.99

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  1. The one problem I have with such devices is their fragility. With a normal remote, I don’t care if I drop it to the ground accidentally, or when it slides off of the couch. The half life of this device with me would be somewhere around a month. And I think that’s too expensive for me by any means.

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