Tokyo Flash unveils Sci-Fi Film Inspired LED Watch

The guys from Tokyo Flash just got another amazing-looking timepiece design, its a LED Watch that was inspired by two Sci-Fi films. The design was submitted to Tokyo Flash by Alan from the US , has been inspired by two science fiction films, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Tron: Legacy.

Alan the designer of the watch explains how he envisioned the design of the timepiece: “I wanted the face to be as clean as possible, so I chose a simple square counterbalanced by a circular dial. The simple geometric shape lends itself well to any band. In these renderings, I used an existing Tokyoflash watch band. A wide leather band with a fine texture would give it a very clean appearance.”

Like all other watch from Tokyo Flash, it will be difficult to read. To tell the time the inner and outer circles echo the sweep of the hour and minute hand, the squares within the middle are then added to calculate the precise minutes. See the image below for a more precise example!!

Tokyo Flash Watch

[Via: Tokyo Flash]

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