TokyoFlash Kisai Keisan LED Watch

TokyoFlash Kisai Keisan LED Watch
The guys over at TokyoFlash has unveiled yet another complicated watch. This is the Kisai Keisan LED Watch which looks really cool as all the ToykoFlash Watches always look but still complicated to tell the time.

The Kisai Keisan watch uses a unique rippled convex lens that magnifies the lighting effect from the LEDs behind the numbers in the watch face. When it comes to telling the time it make take you sometime to add up the numbers. More after the break

TokyoFlash Watch
Here is an image display how to tell the time on the Kisai Keisan watch. Just add the digits in each of the four vertical lines of numbers So start adding lol.

ToykoFlash Kisai Keisan LED Watch
The Kisai Keisan LED Watch is going for ¥23,900 which includes worldwide shipping. Thats approximately $225 United States Dollars.


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