Top 10 Gadgets expected to be sold out on Black Friday or Christmas

We all know that most of you guys don’t go shopping until Black Friday when everything is on sale! he he or I am just telling you what I do, anyhow I have compiled a list of the top 10 gadgets that are expected to be sold out this Black Friday and also this Christmas.

The BlackBerry 9500 Storm
1. BlackBerry Storm: I know this most shoppers will be going for this Christmas, maybe not for the Black Friday sale because I don’t think Verizon will reduce the price. If you don’t know much about the Blackberry Storm you must have been hiding behind a rock. You can get some info on the storm from our previous post – Blackberry Storm.

Nintendo Wii
2. Nintendo Wii Gaming Console: The Wii is a console on demand from the beginning of 2008 and I know alot of consumers out there are just waiting for The Black Friday Sale.

The HP TouchSmart Desktop PC
3. HP TouchSmart PC: I saw this baby in WalMart the other day for a little over $1000 and I know if it reach below $800 on Black Friday it will certainly be sold out. More info on the HP TouchSmart Desktop PC.

iPod Touch 8GB Mp3 Player
4. The iPod Touch 8GB: Here is another gadgets that alot of consumers has been dying to get their hands on and they will this Black Friday. Walmart is currently selling the iPod Touch for $227.88 and I think we see at least a 25% decrease.

The XBox 360
5. XBox 360: I saw a Black Friday ad that says the Xbox 360 will be going for $199 at a Dell Home Store. If this is true its sold! sold! sold!

PlayStation 3 Gaming Console
6. PlayStation 3: This is another expected to be sold out but if not on Black Friday definitely on Christmas Eve when we all do our last minute shopping.

The HTC Touch Pro
7.HTC Touch Pro / HTC Fuze: Sprint unveiled the HTC Touch Pro on November 2nd for only $299 and it is a great alternative to the iPhone so it will sell for the Holiday. According to Crunch Gear this is one of the best HTC handset in the US right now.

PSP Playstation
8.PlayStation Portable PSP: What you think not? Well I think so, many kids may have it but there is just something inside telling me that it will be a seller this Christmas

BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220
9. Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220: This is a Flip I know consumers are going to flip for this Christmas, more over its the first RIM Flip Handset.

Apple iPod 3G
10. Apple iPhone 3G: Down a bit but not out! Things will happen for the iPhone 3G this Christmas.

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