Top 10 Web Hosting for 2009

You know getting off the ground with a blog/website can be an easy task at times and sometimes it can be a really hard task. One of the major problem is finding a reliable and cheap Web Hosting service. So here is a list of the Top 10 Web Hosting Service for this year.

But before I start with the list of top ten hosting, I must let you know that if you are planning on start a blog / website you should shop for web hosting before anything else because most companies gives you a free domain name with purchase of an hosting account, that’s just a little tip so you can save a few bucks in your wallet or on your credit card.

Here is the list of top ten hosting for 2009
No#1 Ranked is Imotion

No#2 ranked is JustHost

No#3 ranked is WebHostingPad

No#4 ranked is Bluehost

No#5 ranked is FatCow

No#6 ranked is HostMonster

No#7 ranked is Globat

No#8 ranked is Lunarpages

No#9 ranked is GoDaddy

No#10 ranked is Yahoo

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  1. Last time i checked a similar list United Hosting was there, a UK provider, so i went with them. I am fairly happy with them except they are expensive hence i pay in pounds.
    My q-n is how frequently these lists change or in other words if those hosting companies change over time?

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