Toshiba 7200 3D ‘Bezel-Less’ LED Smart TV

Toshiba 7200 3D 'Bezel-Less' LED Smart TV
[CES 2012] Toshiba has announced its new 7200 Smart TV that comes with a new design that features an ultra-thin bezel which Toshiba refer to as its bezel-less LED TV series. The Toshiba 7200 series comes 3D-ready thanks to Toshiba’s passive 3D technology, it provides a 240Hz refresh rate which shouldn’t be a bother knowing that 120Hz is really the standard as well as built-in WiFi connectivity which enables DLNA media sharing, so you can stream from home media servers and other DLNA-enabled devices.

Toshiba also added some of its ‘smart’ features including media guides, web browsing and web TV access including YouTube and Flickr. You probably know of the Regza link single remote operation available on Toshiba Smart TV series that are presently available on the market, well the 7200 3D series enables Toshiba Tablet owners to also control the 7200 Smart TV with their integrated infra-red (IR) controller, if the tablet features DLNA then you can push content to the TV. Not much details available other than those noted above but there should be more during our CES 2012 Coverage.

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