Toshiba Regza PC D731 All-In-One Desktop PC

Toshiba Regza PC D731 All-In-One Desktop PCToshiba is company know for making great TVs but recently they have been focusing on Computers as much as they do TVs, one of the latest (other than the Qosmio DX730) that they have unveiled is called the Regza PC D731 series which gets the All-In-One form. The new Regza PC D731 series gets a 23-inch display which is just enough for those who prefer a wide work space on their desktop, it comes with up to 2TB of Hard Drive Storage and you have a choice when it comes to the processor. Choices lies between the Intel Pentium B950 for starters, the Core i5-2430M for those who wants to do some work and a little gaming as well as the high end Core i7-2670QM processor who demand a little more performance power.

Other than the specs listed above, it comes with up to 8GB of RAM, it comes bundled with a pair of digital TV tuners plus you will also have the option to choose from a Blu-ray BDXL, BD or DVD drive. Presently it will only be offered in Japan and there is no telling if it will ever reach the US shores.

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