Toyota to launch Social Network for Car-Owners: ‘Toyota Friend’

According to a report by Reuters; Car manufacturing giant Toyota and Inc will be teaming up to build a special social network called “Toyota Friend”. As big companies that has other things to focus on, you would think why doesn’t the company just make use of Facebook.

Toyota's Executive Vice President Uchiyamada poses next to the company's newly developed compact electric vehicle eQ after a news conference in TokyoThe company already know that it won’t be able to compete against Facebook and it doesn’t intend to. The upcoming social network site will let people do one thing Facebook users can’t: befriend their own cars. Toyota Friend will be aimed at customers with internet-enabled Toyota, which will keep the customer updated and informed about how the car is doing.

For example, if a car was low on battery and needs charging, it could send a reminder to the car owner through Toyota Friend so he/she won’t forget to juice up the vehicle before leaving for work tomorrow. A car reminding you to change the tires before you go on a long trip next weekend could be helpful for saving lives as well – just think of all the possibilities.

Toyota plans to launch Toyota Friend in Japan together with Toyota’s first battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid cars next year.

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