Tranquil PC Skinny Ripper

Tranquil PC Skinny Ripper Media Server

Tranquil PC Skinny Ripper
Tranquil PC/AVA Media announced the launching of the new Skinny Ripper Media Server that was developed specially for audio ripping and storage. The Skinny Ripper comes with a 1TB storage capacity which is ample space to store approximately 3500 of your favorite CDs of all times. The server works by simple inserting your favorite audio disc, the server will then rip a high quality copy of the music using lossless FLAC format, and make another copy in MP3 format for portable playback and streaming.

The Skinny Ripper will stream music to networked media devices such as compatible DLNA devices, your gaming consoles, HDTVs and even mobile devices including your Android Smartphone, Tablet, iPhone or iPad. It also includes popular media server services such as SONIS, Roku and iTunes.

Tranquil PC Skinny Ripper Media Server Connection Diagram
The server comes pre-installed with an embedded version of Fedora with Subsonic music streaming software, it has two USB ports on the back for backup of your music on an external hard drive and thanks to its low profile design it will find its place on your home entertainment center.

The Tranquil PC/AVA Media Skinny Ripper Media Server is presently available on the UK market and cost GBP665.83.

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