Transcend and Trend Micro JetFlash V85 AntiVirus USB Flash Drive

JetFlash V85 AntiVirus USB Flash Drive
Transcend has joined forces with Trend Micro, Inc to produce the JetFlash V85 AntiVirus USB Flash Drive. The JetFlash V85 comes pre-installed with Trend Micro’s advanced USB Security software which makes it possible for users to now conveniently share, store and manage valuable data more safely and securely than ever before.

Trend Micro USB Security is a unique software program specially developed to protect against malicious content in files transferred to USB Flash Drives. It offers an easy-to-use interface and simple one-step activation process. After the software has found a threat, the software will alert the user and move all dangerous files to a hidden quarantine folder.

Other than being an Advanced USB Drive it is also a fashionable piece of technology with its luxurious and eye catching polished all-metal casing.

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