Transcend JetFlash 330 USB Flash Drives

Transcend JetFlash 330 USB Flash Drive
Transcend Information, Inc announced the release of its JetFlash 330 USB flash drive, the latest addition to its JetFlash series. It comes in the maximum storage size of 4GB, 8GB and 16GB which gives the JetFlash 330 the capability to carry hundreds of personal documents, photos and music anytime, anywhere.

The JetFlash 330 USB Drive features a compact and lightweight body weighing only 8.5 grams with a white gloss finish. The device supports USB 2.0 interface and supports for Windows ReadyBoost of Windows 7. The JetFlash 330 impresses users with a satisfying transfer speed of up to 15MB/s and true plug-and-play functionality. The Drive will be available in the coming weeks in three different colors, each to match a different storage capacity; 4GB Green, 8GB Purple and 16GB Lavender.

[Transcend USA]

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