TriQuint TRITIUM Duo

TriQuint TRITIUM Duo Smallest Dual-Band Power Amplifier Solution

TriQuint has introduced the industry’s smallest dual-band PA duplexer (PAD) for global 3G and 4G smartphones. The TRITIUM Duo is not only the smallest dual-band power amplifier solution for 4G smartphones but it is also the latest member of the Duo family to combines two band-specific power amplifiers and duplexers in a single compact module.

TriQuint TRITIUM Duo
The TRITIUM Duo family shares a common 6 x 4.5mm footprint, allowing designers the flexibility to support multi-band, multi-mode operations across multiple platforms. It also gives manufacturers the flexibility and a capacity to include more features or larger batteries in thinner, lighter form factors.

[via BusinessWire]

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