TV Clean Monitor and TV Cleaning System Review

TV Clean
Just a few days back, a TV Clean Monitor and TV Cleaning Device was delivered to my door by the UPS man. So today I have unboxed it and gave it a few chores to do around the house. Before I start, the TV Clean is a recently released solvent-free cleaning system from Teknek LTD, a Scottish company.

The TV Clean will remove dust and other airbone particles from flat screen TV’s and PC’s like no dust clothes can. The TV Clean has an adhesive roll which captures all traces of dust on your screen, there is a roll that picks up the dust and then transfer it to the adhesive roll. When the top layer of the adhesive roll is filled with dust particles, you simply peel off the top layer and continue.

TV Clean Peel Off
Many of the new TVs out there now has sophisticated coatings on them to reduce glare and using chemical sprays can damage these coatings causing irreparable damage to your screen you have paid hundreds of dollars for.
TV Clean

The TV Clean System combo pack also comes with microfiber eco cloth which will remove finger prints and other smudges that are lefted behind by the roller. The TV Clean System is available online at TV Clean right now at a special introductory price of £19.99 and ships worldwide.

My Conclusion
This is another review that I put the Loopy Gadget Stamp of approval on, it works! It really cleans your screens, I can see clearly now… 🙂 (I also tried using it to clean lints from my black shirts and it works too haha). The only thing I didn’t like the if you apply too much pressure to the device while cleaning the roller snaps out, however it can easily be snapped in back. Although you don’t need pressure when cleaning an LCD screen, that could damage the screen, so this could also be used as a warning when using it on your LCD screens. So the roller snapping out is problem a good thing.

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