Twitter already killing its #Music Service?

Twitter’s #Music Service started out looking promising, but it slowly became a nightmare for the social media company and they have already made plans to get rid of the service. According to news, download rates have been reported to be incredibly low, which was the major reason why Twitter decided to pull the plug on the project.

Twitter #MusicTwitter has not made an official statement about pulling the plug, however according to the guys over at AllThingsD, its only a matter of time before they have no option but to pull the plug. The #Music service reportedly began on a downward spiral after Kevin Thau, who headed the project, left the company soon after #Music was launched to join Jelly.

It doesn’t seem that Twitter intended for this to be an big revenue source, it seems that the download rate has been so low that they are deciding to stop the project before it becomes a headache.

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