Twitter planning to add photo filters

Instagram came and started to dominate the photo sharing web, its known for its photo-centric aesthetic qualities as well as its astute photo filtering service. These are some of the features that made the photo-sharing service as popular as it is today, which played a major role in Facebook acquiring the company beating Twitter to the punch, who was also interested in the photo-sharing platform. Instagram-TwitterBut after losing to Facebook, it was rumored that Twitter was planning to buy an Instagram-like company to even it out. So when we heard today that Twitter is planning to launch a range photo filters that its users can add to pictures, we weren’t at all surprised.

According to the New York Times, Twitter is planning to update its mobile platform by introducing filters for photos that will allow people to share images on Twitter while bypassing Instagram. “The filters on Instagram make photos look like they were shot with 1960s Kodachrome or with 1890s sepia tone film,” reports the NYT.

An employee also told the publication that, Twitter is planning to add other tools, such as the ability to upload and edit videos without having to go through a third-party app. It seems as if Twitter will be getting a major overhaul soon, so we can expect to see a more interesting Twitter coming soon.

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