Unlocked Nokia Lumia 1020 now available from Microsoft

Lumia 1020
Microsoft is now helping customers like myself to get away from being tied up with carriers sucking two years of your life. The company just announced that the Nokia Lumia 1020 is now available for purchase via the Microsoft Store. The handset is unlocked and it will work with either AT&T or T-Mobile’s LTE network.

The specifications of the handset remains the same as the first time it was launched, it features at 4.5 inch HD display, it gets 32GB of onboard storage, it’s remarkable 41MP camera and runs Windows Phone 8 preinstalled right out-of-the-box, there’s also word of the handset being eligible for an update to Windows Phone 8.1.

The unlocked version off the Lumia 1020 is currently being sold during a limited time via the Microsoft Store for the price of $549. There has also been rumors that the headset has been earmarked for end of life status either on 14 September or 15 October. This means Microsoft could stop selling the handset after either of these dates.

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