Upopo mobile game Mutation Mash available in App Store and Google Play

mutation mash
Indie game studio Upopo recently launched its new game titled Mutation Mash, which is a puzzle-action game that requires fast reflexes and a fast thinking mind. The game is set in a radioactive world where the player gets to create their very own mutated animal to join in the help to save the enchanted forest and the world.

Basically throughout the game play you get to solve mind boggling puzzles using mutated animals including three-eyed bears, eight-eyed deers and cute adorable two-headed bunnies.

Mutation Mash
“We’re very excited to launch our first game out of ironSource. After months of hard work and constant refinement, Mutation Mash is the kind of game that delivers a great gaming experience based on the unusual stories and loveable characters people know to expect from Upopa,” said Niv Touboul, CEO of Upopa. “The experience of developing a game within ironSource has allowed us to combine the best of the indie gamer spirit with the resources and perspective of a billion dollar company, and we’re looking forward to continuing to create more successful games this way.”

Mutation Mash is available for free download via Google Play for Android devices and from the App Store for iPhone and other iOS devices.

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