UWaterG4 WaterProof Colorful MP3 Players at the CES 2012

UWaterG4 WaterProof Colorful MP3 Players
[CES 2012] Fitness Technologies announced what they are claiming to be the world’s smallest 100% waterproof audio line of products set to debut at the CES 2012 in Las Vegas starting on January 10th. The UwaterG4 MP3 Player, UwaterG4X Chrome extra durable MP3 Player and UWaterK7 FM Radio. The UWater audio line of players features 100% Waterproof protection thanks to its Waterproof Audio Technology (WAT) and “Twist & Lock” Technology that ensures that liquid is completely sealed out and provides long term protection against corrosion.

The UWaterG4 series of audio players are rated at the highest level IPX water submersion standard, so there’s no worries of you device getting water damaged unless it is submerged more than 10 feet. Both the UwaterG4X and G4X Chrome are based on the UwaterG2 that was debuted at the CES 2011, they come with double the storage of their predecessor with 4GB of memory, they come with a clip that enables the players to be easily clipped onto a armband, goggles, headband, or belt and will be available in the colors of Yellow, Red, Blue, Black and Ice White.

UwaterG4X Chrome MP3 Player
The UwaterK7 FM Radio is also waterproof as well as lightweight, it was designed for both Seniors & Boomers. It features a simple design and was intended to defeat boredom by providing entertainment while swimming. It claims to be the world’s smallest 100% waterproof PLL FM radio/receiver. The UwaterK7 comes with an 1-inch LCD display, it is bundled with a pair of “twist & lock” stereo earphones that seals out water, an easy to wear headband attachment, 19 station presets and a battery life of 8 hours of continuous play.

UwaterK7 FM Radio
All three devices from the Uwater series are presently available, the Uwater G4 MP3 Player goes for a price ranging from $60 to $80 per unit, the UwaterG4 Chrome goes at $80 per unit and the UwaterK7 FM Radio goes for $40. All three can be found from the manufacturers website.

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