Valkee Earbuds: Keepin’ You Happy All Winter

Valkee EarbudsSeasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing, and it affects thousands of people each year – and many don’t even know it. During the winter months, the lack of sunshine makes people feel more anxious, more depressed, and less inclined to smile. Because of these feelings, many, especially those in the Northwest, turn to SAD lamps to combat their need for sunshine and Vitamin D.

However, there is no need for SAD lamps anymore with the creation of Valkee Earbuds. These ear buds are supposed to shoot light beams through your brain in hopes to trick your brain into believing that you have received adequate sun exposure for the day. No need to keep a playlist of all your favorite upbeat songs on prepaid phones to boost your mood, with Valkee Earbuds the results expected are immediate happiness.

The lights in the ear buds are LED, and are supposed to cause the brain to positively react – assuming that the brain is photosensitive. In addition to preventing the symptoms of SAD, the Valkee ear buds also intend to reduce anxiety, treat mood disorders, increase energy, and enhance brain function. A treatment only requires 8 to 12 minutes out of your day, and the system is only about the side of an MP3 player so you can carry it around in your pocket.

While you might be a little skeptical to believe that the Valkee Earbuds actually work, Nokia’s former Executive VP, Anssi Vanjoki, has placed so much faith in them that he has partially funded their creation. He’s not the only big name tech business person who has done so either. The ear buds are a little high, at $240 a pair, but can you really put a price on happiness?

When you’re agitated, haven’t seen the sun in days, and are tired of the snow being up to your shins, these ear buds may actually seem worth the investment. They may even be good for gamers on a gaming binge. Who needs to pause the game and go outside for adequate sun exposure, when you can just put in your Valkee ear buds?

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