Vantec NextStar WiFi-enabled Hard Drive Dock

Vantec NextStarVantec has announced its newest device which comes in the form of a wiFi-enabled Hard Drive Dock that they are calling the Vantec NexStar WiFi Hard Drive Dock. As the name suggests, the device comes equipped with wireless technology offering users with easy access to files stored on hard drives.

The new Vantec NextStar utilizes a USB 3.0 connection interface and offers the ability to connect with up to three different devices simultaneously. It offers easy access to your files from both iOS and Android devices, thanks to the NexStar WiFi companion app which is available to download from the respective store.

This application is packed with all the functions you need to browse and open the data stored in your NexStar WiFi such as music, movies, and photos. With this App, making changes to the WiFi configurations for your NexStar WiFi device is a breeze.

You may also download and upload to your NexStar WiFi storage for quick file sharing with other devices. Simply insert any 2.5? or 3.5? SATA hard drive into the NexStar and you are ready to browse your files over the multiple platforms in your arsenal.

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