Velocity Micro VMUltra Drive with Hard Drive, DVD Burner and more

Velocity Micro VMUltra DriveHere’s is an all-in-one solution that will find a place on any workstation, its the VMUltra Drive from Velocity Micro. This new all-in-one solution will work with your notebook or desktop, it comprises of a DVD burner, a 2.5-inch Hard Drive with up to 500GB of storage capacity, there’s an SD card slot and three USB 2.0 ports making it also a USB hub as well.

The VMUltra Drive is pretty lightweight meaning it can tag along with you while travelling and it supports plug-and-play so there’s no need to install any drivers. The VMUltra is most accurately described as four devices compressed into one unit; an External DVD R/RW Optical Drive, an 500GB External Hard Drive, an SD Memory Card Reader and a three port USB hub.

The VMUltra Drive would be a pretty handy device to have right now but unfortunately, the company doesn’t plan to release the device until later this year.

[via Velocity Micro]

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