Verbatim Clip-it USB Flash Drive

Verbatim introduces a new member to its Store n Go line of products. Its kinda unique, not like the ordinary USB Flash Drive you see everyday. It is the Verbatim Clip-it USB Flash Drive that has uses way beyond storing data from your computer as it doubles as a paperclip for your documents.

The Clip-it comes in the storage capacity of 2GB and 4GB, plus it is available in seven vibrant colors which includes White, Green, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Blue and Black. With the design of the Clip-it you will be able to keep your hardcopy and softcopy documents together at the same time.

The Verbatim Clip-it was designed by Arman Emami and was rewarded with the Red Dot Best of the Best award for 2010. We are not sure how much it will be priced at on the market, however we look forward to getting a few in the office.

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