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Virgin Mobile Will Only Sell Apple iPhone’s From Now On!

Apple iPhone

U.S. carrier Virgin Mobile just announced that it will only sell the Apple iPhone from now.

It’s undeniable that the Apple iPhone is one of the most popular phones on the market around the world right now. So we can understand why Virgin Mobile made the decision about only selling Apple iPhones starting on June 27th.

The carrier made the announcement recently which is really shocking to many. They won’t be selling any smartphone other than those made by Apple. No Android, No BlackBerry, No Windows Phone, no other devices period.

In addition to Apple Smartphones being their only products, the carrier is launching a new wireless plan to match up with its decision to sell only iOS devices.

Virgin Mobile also announced the launch of its new $50/month Inner Circle plan. The new Inner Circle plan delivers unlimited talk, text and data plus you’ll get the first year of service for just $1 when you buy an iPhone from Virgin Mobile and will return to $50 afterwards.

Virgin is calling this new plan as the “Plan that changes everything”. But as we all know the service isn’t really unlimited as Virgin Mobile will slow down your service once you have burnt through 23GB  of data during any billing cycle.

The carrier is now taking pre-orders for the new devices ranging from the iPhone SE up to the iPhone 7 Plus. You can find out more details on the new Inner Circle unlimited plan by following the link below.

[Source: Virgin Mobile]

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