Vodafone hits 500,000 4G Subscribers In The UK

Vodafone UK is now celebrating a new milestone, the UK carrier just announced that they have just pass 500,000 4G LTE subscribers. It took the carrier approximately 6 months to reach the milestone, while it took their rival network EE 7 months to reach half a million 4G subscribers, even though they were the first to bring 4G LTE to the UK.

vodafoneIn the next coming months, Vodafone will be rolling out their 4G LTE service to over 200 cities and towns in the UK, which will in turn increase their 4G LTE subscriber base through-out the course of 2014.

Jeroen Hoencamp, CEO, Vodafone UK said “It’s particularly exciting to see how the nation is embracing 4G in their everyday lives.Now people in more towns and districts can enjoy Vodafone ultrafast 4G and get closer to the action with our great entertainment packages.

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