Volkswagen CrossBlue Plug-In Concept Unveiled in the US

Volkswagen CrossBlue Plug-InIts been a while since we have published anything on four-wheeled gadgets, but we have to after seeing VolkWagen unveiling its CrossBlue Plug-In Concept in the US. As technology moves to an advanced stage unlike never before, manufacturers are developing vehicles that features way more electrical technology and less gas-dependent vehicles.

We are starting to see way more electric-powered vehicles and VolkWagen is continuing with that trend. The auto manufacturer just launched their CrossBlue plug-in concept on the US Market. The Volkswagen CrossBlue comes with a front-mounted diesel engine that has been paired with an electric motor, in addition to having a second and more powerful electric motor in the rear to help drive those wheels in the back.

This new all-wheel drive vehicle have to options to run up to 14 miles on pure electric driving alone, and it boasts an estimated 85MPGe efficiency, which makes the present hybrids on the market seems redundant. Lets just hope that this concept vehicle will eventually make its way into mass production soon.

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