vudu spark

Vudu Spark Streaming Stick is $25 at Walmart

Vudu is an online video streaming service by Walmart, it offers your favorite TV shows and movies on a rental or purchase with prices starting at 99 cents. The service allows its subscribers to stream media to mobile devices, personal computer or television using streaming devices such as the Google’s Chromecast, Roku or any of the multiple streaming devices available on the market.

vudu spark
Vudu has just announced their very own streaming device dubbed the Vudu Spark Streaming stick, the device is currently available from Walmart with a price tag of $25 and should also be available online soon as well. Like other devices on the market, the Vudu Spark plugs directly into the HDMI port of your television to stream content from Vudu. The device connects to the internet over WiFi and streams 1080p videos to your television as well as deliver 7.1 channel audio over its HDMI connection.

According to reports, the device is powered by a microUSB charger and ships with a wireless remote control and a USB cable in the box. It doesn’t come with a power adapter so you will have to purchase your own, another downside of the device is that it runs only one app, while you can get other streaming devices such as the Chromecast for $35, the Roku for $45 or Amazon Fire TV which runs a slew of different services like Hulu Plus, Netflix, Vudu and other services.

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