Wahoo Fitness Blue HR Smart Heart Rate Monitor

Wahoo Fitness Blue HR Smart Heart Rate Monitor
Wahoo Fitness just announced the world’s first Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor which they have dubbed the Blue HR. Wahoo’s Blue HR works with the Apple 4S to provide heart rate readings in real time. It transforms your iPhone into a device that is capable of giving statistics of your heart in real time.

The Blue HR utilizes Bluetooth technology to communication with your iPhone 4S but the Wahoo Blue HR has to be strapped around your body. To use the Blue HR you must download the app for your smartphone which is presently available exclusively for the iPhone, then it offers information in real time. Other than your heart rate it also provides information on how much calories are being burnt by the body and other information as well.

It also said that the Blue HR is compatible with other fitness apps like RunKeeper and MapMyRun. The Wahoo Blue HR is also compatible with all Bluetooth Smart Ready devices, expected to go on sale in January 2012 the Blue HR will retail for $79.99.

[via Wahoo]

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