Walmart to start selling iPhone 5 for $127 on December 17th

Walmart iPhone 5 DealsWalmart wants you to own the new Apple iPhone 5 this holiday season, if you thought the deals from Best Buy and Radio Shack were good, the retail giant has plans to do one even better. Starting on December 17th, Walmart plans to start selling the iPhone 5 for the price of $127 per unit.

If that still doesn’t fall into your budget planning, Walmart will also be selling the iPhone 4S for just $47 plus they are also offering a discount on the third-generation Apple iPad which will be priced at $399. If you decide to get any of the above deals we mentioned, then you will have to sign up for a two-year contract for the handsets.

Walmart’s pricing beats the Best Buy and Radio Shack deals by $23. Target is another retail store that wants to bring the holiday job, they just announced that they will be selling the Apple iPhone 4S for Virgin Mobile, the 16GB model will be sold at $399.99 without a carrier contract.

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