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Welle Smart Sonar Device Turns Surfaces Into Smart Interface

Welle Smart Sonar Device Turns any Surface into a Universal Remote Control for your Smart Home and much more.


The Welle is a revolutionary device that utilizes embedded Sonar technology and a highly sensitive touchless gesture control algorithm from Maxus Tech. Welle gives the ability to control multiple devices or software applications via Bluetooth connectivity around the home or office.

Embedded gesture controllers allows the Welle to control other known smart devices such as the Nest Thermostat, Coffee machines, Lights, Windows, TVs, Power Point Presentations, Locks, Speakers, Doors and much more.


Welle Sonar Technology


The device utilizes Sonar Technology which is widely used in the fields of Military, Automotive and Drones. Sonar transmits signal pulses and collects the reflected energy back from targets.

Developers decided Sonar Technology was best as offered the best results which includes low power consumption, consumes only mili-watt power and last hours longer than other technology. It has meter-level detection range, enables farther detection range, higher tolerance to light condition and does not malfunction in those conditions.

Welle tracks your fingers when you touch a surface and it can even recognize handwriting motions and transform them to customized actions with a high degree of accuracy.

In addition to control appliances and gadgets around the home, Welle can also be used with your tablet or laptop computer. Welle also comes with handwriting recognition allowing the user to create custom gestures for different functions.

Welle is now seeking a crowdfunding goal of $20,000 to enter the marketplace, however with 44 days to go in the campaign the device already surpassed its funding goal.

If you would like to own Welle you can be an super early bird backer for the price of $59 or early bird backer for $69. Backers of the project will receive their units in October 2017 and the campaign plans to ship the devices worldwide.

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