Westinghouse W47S2TCD 47-inch 3D HDTV

WestinghouseWestinghouse Digital introduces its new 47-inch W47S2TCD 3D HDTV on the market at an affordable price. The W47S2TCD ships with four pairs of 3D glasses for a market retail price of $1199. The Westinghouse W47S2TCD features a 47-inch 3D-capable Full HD 1080p resolution and its backlight enchnacement tool called DayBright which makes it viewable in both the daytime and nightime as well.

It packs a few specifications which includes 3D noise reduction, inverse 3:2 pulldown for film-based content, three-way selectable color temperature and it should be available at retail outlets near you including Best Buy and Costco.


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