Whatsapp for web

WhatsApp Messaging now available on the Web via Google Chrome

WhatsApp has announced that its popular messaging app is now available on your computer through the Google Chrome Web Browser. Users on the popular messaging service now has access via computer whether Windows or Mac.

To use the web version of WhatsApp, you must have Google Chrome installed, and you will be able to send instant messages to Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices. Apple devices are not supported but we’ll hoping that they will be in the near future.

Whatsapp for web
To connect your browser to your WhatsApp client, simply open https://web.what-sapp.com using your Google Chrome browser, you will then see a QR code, scan the code inside of WhatsApp, and you’re now ready to contact WhatsApp contacts from the web. Once your smartphone is paired with the WhatsApp Web client, your smartphone needs to stay connected to the internet for your web client to work, and also ensure you are running the latest version of WhatsApp on your phone.

According to the company, as of right now they are unable to provide web client service to iOS users due to Apple Platform limitations. If you would like to know more details regarding the Web-based version of WhatsApp, then you can visit the company’s website.

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