Windows 8 Sales falls below Microsoft’s Projections

Microsoft recently launched their new Windows 8 operating system, and along with the new software they also launched their very first tablet known as the Microsoft Surface which runs on Microsoft’s Windows RT OS.

Since the new operating system was announced, a number of manufacturers have launched a range of different devices with the platform, but according to a recent report, Microsoft has not reached the sales that they projected internally for Windows 8.

Windows 8 SalesAccording to Paul Thurrot, Microsoft were expecting to sell a lot more copies of their Windows 8 operating system than they have done so far, and Microsoft may want to point the finger on the Windows 8 PC manufacturers for the slow sales of the OS.

We have no details on how much Microsoft projected the OS would sell, but it would make this story more interesting if we could get more details such as figures and the projected date they wanted to sell that amount by. We’ll keep you guys update as more details surfaces.

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