Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver Announced

Xiaomi Announces its Bluetooth Audio Receiver that retails for about (99 Yuan) $15USD

Chinese-based company Xiaomi recently announced its ultra short-throw laser projector which has broken some sales records in the far east. Along with the projector they also recently announced its Bluetooth Audio Receiver which is available at an affordable price.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver is nothing special really but the price is super affordable. According to the company, the new Bluetooth receiver supports Bluetooth 4.2 devices and is powered by a 97mAh battery. The integrated battery is capable of powering the device for 4 to 5 hours on a single charge. It can be easily recharged via its micro USB port on the bottom.

Millet Bluetooth Audio Receiver

The portable audio receiver features a single button design which is used for pairing. Its ultra lightweight at only 10 grams and also offers support for 3.5mm audio jacks. Xiaomi Millet Audio Reciever is ideal for users with smartphones that no longer feature a headphone jack and currently left with Bluetooth connectivity only.

It goes on sale starting July 7 at 10am. If you got your hands on the Bluetooth Audio Receiver before we do then leave your comments below in your native language, it can be translated.

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