Xiaomi Mi5 Phone

Xiaomi Mi5 in Black Photos Surfaces

We heard that Xiaomi is planning on launching a new smartphone which has been dubbed Xiami Mi5. Since we heard of the rumors, no official announcements has been made by the company but with CES 2015 and MWC 2015 coming early next year the company could have plans to make the official announcement then.

Xiaomi Mi5 Phone
According to the reports, the Xiaomi Mi5 could feature a sapphire display and a super thin bezel unlike any other smartphones on the market. Even though it remains unseen, photos of the new Xiaomi Mi5 have surfaced online showing off all of its awesome features.

Other than it’s super-thin bezel, it handset is rumored to come fitted with a 5.7-inch inch display or an 5.5-inch display. There’s also an hint that there could be a qHD display and powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805/810 processor with 3GB of RAM.

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