XPAND 3D reveals the Infinity 3D Cinema Glasses at CineEurope

Xpand-X101At the CineEurope 2011, XPAND 3D has unveiled its latest products which includes the Infinity 3D Cinema Glasses that was designed to deliver a long-lasting comfort while delivering pristine cinema image quality. The 3D Glasses weighs approximately 56g and a ergonomic design which offers comfort when worn for a long period of time. The glasses are powered by a replaceable CR2032 coin battery which delivers up to 300 hours of operation in triple flash mode, it offers a 2000:1 contrast ratio, great transparency which allows and improved brightness of 37 percent than its previous model plus it can be equipped with RFID tags to help in the prevention of theft, so movie theatre owners can track each pair of glasses. No pricing information was found for the XPAND 3D Infinity 3D Cinema Glasses.


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