Yahoo acquires Blink, SnapChat’s Biggest Rival

Yahoo has announced the purchase of SnapChat’s biggest instant messaging rival, Blink. Yahoo made the announcement that they will be acquiring the instant messaging application, just to shut it down right afterwards and the development team will be joining Yahoo’s mobile team in Sunnyvale where they will be focusing on smart communication products.

Yahoo Blink
Blink is an instant messaging app that allows users to send self destructing messages, and it functions similarly to how SnapChat works. Details of the acquisition are not very clear, however we know that the team will be moving in with Yahoo.

“I can confirm that the entire team behind Blink will be joining our mobile team in Sunnyvale where they will focus on smart communication products,” a Yahoo rep confirmed in a statement.

Now that Yahoo will be putting Blink down, that simple giving SnapChat more room to grown and hopefully close in on WhatsApp which was recently acquired by Facebook.

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