YouTube 301 Views

YouTube 301 Views Mystery just got solved by Numberphile

If you are a daily YouTube user then you have probably noticed that sometimes you are watching a video that says it has 301 views but at the sametime it has 5000 likes and you ask yourself, how is this possible?

Well the man snyc with numbers, Brady Haran, a.k.a. Numberphile, got to the bottom of the mystery when he sat down with Ted Hamilton of YouTube Analytics. For Example: a new video from a popular producer of content is uploaded and after it’s available to viewers, the viewcount shoots toward the skies, then suddenly stops sometimes exactly at 301 views but the “likes” are steadily climbing.

This has been one of the internet’s greatest mysteries, but finally, someone has asked the right person. It happens that all of this has to do with coding and making sure nobody is playing YouTube’s viewcount. Numberphile sat down with Ted Hamilton of YouTube Analytics and he explained the whole thing. Watch the video below!

[Via: Gizmodo]

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