Zeal iON HD Video Camera Goggles available for $399

Zeal Optics now have a new device on the market that will make you say “I want one” at first glance. The Zeal iON HD Video Camera Goggles is now available on the market for the price of $399, and can be purchase from their online store.

Zeal iON HD Video Camera GogglesThe iON HD Video Camera Goggles looks like any normal goggles but has an 8-megapixel camera built-in with an anti-fog, infused processed lens, which is protected by an enclosed in a high impact resistant frame. The built-in camera allows the user to record video in both 1080p and 720p as well as capture 8-megapixel quality still images.

The camera is fitted with a wide angle 170 degree lens, which can automatically adjust itself for different light levels, with an infinity focus. On a full charge, the iON HD Video Camera Goggles will deliver up to three hours of recording and it also has the option to be easily linked to upload images and videos to social networking sites such as Facebook.

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