Zowie MiCO Mouse for Gamers

Zowie MiCO Mouse for Gamers
Zowie collaborated with the Korean top team StarTale and one of the best StarCraft 2 players ever to develop the ZOWIE MiCO mouse that was specially designed for RTS gamers and underwent several test to ensure that it serves the purpose it was developed for. It features what could be considered as the perfect shape, sensor and responsiveness when it comes with RTS gaming. It is lightweight, weighing at 68g and is ideal for both right and left-handed users alike. The Zowie MiCO Mouse measures 65 x 40 x 120 mm, it offers a 500Hz report rate, an adjustable DPI-setting between 400, 800 and 1600 and features a rubberbase for easy gliding. It is a USB mouse that has only three buttons and is expected to be launched on June 1, 2011 for $35 on the US market and €35 on the European Market.

Third challenge; the best sensor for StarTale
The ZOWIE MiCO was originally planned for release late October 2010 so we could reach the Christmas sales, but it was a challenge finding a sensor which lived up to our requirements of high quality and performance. We felt that we couldn’t release a product that we are not 110% committed to, so we postponed the release to give ourselves time to complete the development process and create a product we can be proud of.

StarTales gamers are used to playing with 400 and 800 DPI rates, so this was a key point for the development of the ZOWIE MiCO. Where HeatoN put more importance on the lift-off distance rather than the DPI-rates, StarTale felt that having the exact DPI that they are used to is more important to them as RTS-gamers than the lift-off distance.

After several months of testing and trashing, we are confident that we have finally succeeded in finding a sensor that lives up to our requirements of quality and functionality, performing flawlessly on all types of surfaces, except for paper and glass. With the ZOWIE custom lens we were also able to achieve a lift-off distance of 2,0 mm.

The ZOWIE MiCO is a small, lightweight ambidextrous mouse, which is perfect for gamers who demand ultimate performance from their mice and prefer the claw-grip playing style.

There’s no software for the ZOWIE MiCO. You just plug it into your computer and you will automatically be playing with 500 Hz and your desired DPI-setting between 400/800/1600 DPI.

Source: Zowie Gear

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