Zune HD Touchscreen Player Unveiled

Zune HD Touchscreen Player
Just a few days ago we we heard of the Zune 3G and now we are getting a leak that a new Zune has just revealed itself. The leaked Zune is the Zune HD which engadget has confirmed to be not just a rumor. There are no specs out for the new zune but there are many things that consumers are hoping the new media player will have.

So far all know is that it may be compatible for HD movies and carries a touchscreen.

Hope Microsoft does this right:

* a ton of non-DRM codec support (QT, DivX, Xvid, etc.)
* WiFi and browser (I’m crossing my fingers on the browser)
* No Zune Pad? They will definitely make this one a touchscreen
* I’m not seeing X-Box integration on this hardware
* Zune Social (I’m curious how they can improve user experience. They should incorporate the independent Zune Social sites that are already in existence)
* Storage will probably not beat what iPod or even iPod Touch have to offer right now, but is a MicroSD card slot really so bad?


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